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The Airstream 604 is the perfect combination of comfort and size. With 6 meters of internal length it offers enough space for up to 3 people. A comfortable double bed in the back and an L-shaped seating area in 100% Italian leather in the front leave nothing to be desired and create the usual beautiful sense of space of an Airstream. Like its big brother, the Airstream 684, the Airstream 604 also has a large bathroom with a separate shower and many luxurious details.

The winning features of the kitchen area are the splendid furnishings and well thought out partitions. With a curb weight of just 1,900kg, this model can be towed safely with most SUVs on the market. The load-compensated tandem axle offers a sensational and safe driving experience. Like all Airstreams, the Airstream 604 is already equipped with everything you would look for in vain with other manufacturers or find buried in option lists for an additional cost.

2.29 m 9.68 ft
7.60 m 31.36 ft
6.03 m
2.65 m
1.99 m 19.8 t (half load)
1900 kg 2.6 ft
2100 Kg 25 knots
230 Kg 138 gallons
153 kg 10.6 gallon/hour at 25 knots
40 Kg 10.6 gallon/hour at 25 knots
185/60 R15C 947 10.6 gallon/hour at 25 knots
6.03 m
2.65 m
1.99 m 19.8 t (half load)
1900 Kg 2.6 ft
2100 kg 25 knots
230 Kg 138 gallons
153 Kg
40 Kg 10.6 gallon/hour at 25 knots
185/60 R15C 947 10.6 gallon/hour at 25 knots
  • External features
  • Internal features
  • Safety and security
  • Equipment

External features

  • Hand-riveted aluminum bodyshell, timeless iconic design
  • Rounded aerodynamic shape for superior towing performance
  • Aluminum panels with transparent fluoropolymer coating inside and out
  • Semi-monocoque superstructure entirely in aluminum
  • Airstream welded extruded aluminum frames made by hand
  • Colored tempered windows with double snap closure system
  • One-piece custom-made entrance door 0,66 m, customized with cast iron window and hinges
  • ZipDee® patio awning
  • Fixed entrance step in aluminum "Thule"
  • European specification chassis with touch brakes and insulated floor
  • Thermal barrier protection between inside and outside
  • White aluminum roof to reduce the temperature
  • Use of portal windows to optimize natural light
  • Front stone guard in stainless steel
  • Chromed waistline and shoe with insert
  • Rear bumper in polished aluminum
  • Rear license plate holder with light
  • Cast aluminum rear light housings
  • Front and rear handles in stainless steel
  • Door handle in aluminum
  • LED entrance door light
  • Hand made aluminum mosquito net
  • LPG gas storage cabinet in aluminum
  • 15 "alloy wheels
  • Spare wheel and tire including lower wheel holder
  • Battery box for external access with removable tray with provision for 2 leisure batteries
  • External access locker under the bed with checkerboard floor covering under the bed
  • Outdoor shower with hot and cold water
  • Connection point for outdoor barbecue

Internal features

  • Interior walls and ceiling in aluminum complete
  • Panoramic front and rear windows
  • Italian interior furniture Lite-Ply laminated and handmade
  • Elegant Corian® work surfaces with relief grooves
  • Choice of "Americana" or "Manhattan" leather upholstery schemes
  • Individually designed seating with comfort and functionality in mind
  • Contemporary carpet for living room
  • Duvalay Duvalite mattress with lightweight memory foam technology
  • Fully adjustable table with telescopic leg for use with bed makeup
  • Heki skylights used in the front and rear
  • Oceanair Railshade blinds the side windows
  • Seamless vinyl flooring
  • Low-energy LED interior lighting
  • Ceiling lockers with LED accent lighting
  • Directional LED lights / courtesy lights
  • Back ventilation cards
  • Swing bathroom door with frosted window
  • Corian® kitchen worktop with Franke stainless steel sink under the counter and Corian® lid
  • Corian® bathroom top with integral Corian® bathtub

Safety and security

  • Stabilized tow bar
  • Fire alarm
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Labels with CRiS identification number on frame for windows and caravans
  • Deadbolt key locking system


  • ALDE central heating and water heating with LCD touchscreen control with daily programming
  • Dometic 3-burner hob with separate oven and grill
  • Dometic CK150 extractor above the stove / li>
  • Sargent EC500 power supply with touchscreen control panel
  • Dometic 110 liter refrigerator with removable 12 liter freezer compartment (Missouri)
  • Dometic 190-liter refrigerator with 35-liter freezer compartment (Yukon and Colorado)
  • 45 liter fresh water tank on board
  • Radio / CD / MP3 player with audio input and Bluetooth functionality.
  • Audio speakers built into the roof lockers
  • Lounge TV station with 230V, 12V sockets and antenna
  • Bedroom TV station with 12V socket and air vent in the bedroom
  • 570 state directional antenna
  • Adjustable cutlery tray
  • Centrally heated stainless steel bathroom radiator (Yukon and Colorado only)
  • Bathroom accessories in brushed steel (specific model)
  • Ecocamel shower head
  • 12 V ventilation fan
  • Thetford C260 Toilet with electronic flushing
  • Prepared for air conditioning unit
  • Predisposition for roof mounted solar panel
  • Ready for roof-mounted satellite dish (Yukon and Colorado)
  • Airstream branded entrance mat
  • 12V "Jaeger" 12v car connector

Running order (MRO) includes:
1. The bulk of the empty caravan provided, including loose items such as connecting cable, kit bag, manuals etc
2. 19.8 kg weight for LPG
3. Weight of 35 kg for the water in the fresh water tank.
4. Weight of 8.4 kg of water in the water heater.

Personal effects are based on the number of beds and the length of the caravan and include a 20kg allowance for a leisure battery.
The Technical Maximum Permitted Mass (MTPLM) is the maximum permissible mass when the caravan is fully loaded.

ATTENTION: in no case must the MTPLM be exceeded

The masses are calculated in accordance with the EU regulation 1230/2012 and the code of conduct NCC 304.
The dimensions and weights indicated are approximate due to slight variations in suspension ride heights, load conditions and tire pressures. Customers should check the actual dimensions of their touring caravan before committing to anything that could be affected by this size
Note: any dealer adaptation option will reduce the overall payload available to the user of the caravan. If an additional payload is required, MTPLM can be upgraded at the upper limit.

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