Airstream Modello Diner XL Food Truck


Its spectacular 8.2 meters in length give this AIRSTREAM DINER XL a total of about 17 square meters of surface.
Enough space for both an efficient professional kitchen and a dining room for hungry customers.

In the inner area, delicious burgers, hot dogs and fresh snacks can be prepared, while in the front part six to eight customers can take their seats and eat their food.
An indoor dining room is a great thing in case of bad weather, but it can also be pleasant during good weather and, moreover, you can also take a look into the kitchen.
The AIRSTREAM DINER XL is the flagship of our AIRSTREAM catering fleets and is built on the basis of individual projects of our customers.
It is based on the dual axis AIRSTREAM 684 and has a load capacity of 2680 kg. Like all European AIRSTREAM models, it is tested to travel up to 100 km / h.

With more than 8.2 meters in length and more than 15 square meters of surface, the AIRSTREAM DINER XL offers great space for creative concepts. The vehicles shown here show a place for the preparation of premium burgers and a champagne bar.
The eye immediately falls on the burger project, especially for the optimization of the drains, the arrangement of the purifiers and the presence of an efficient cooling device. Two cooling machines are located on the towbar and in total power eighteen tempered steel fridge counters, as well as saladettes with cooling and freezing device.

2.50/3.50 m
8.20 m
6.806 m
2.126 m
2.65 m
2680 kg
2200 kg
80-150 kg
463 mm
44 psi
400 Volt, 32 A
2680 kg
2200 kg
80/150 kg
463 mm
44 psi
400 Volt, 32 A
  • Basic configuration
  • Optional

Basic configuration

  • Interior design in wood and stainless steel
  • Refreshment area with capacity for 6/8 people
  • Modular kitchen, base unit 1054x600mm 19.2 KW, 3-burner grill (594x435 mm), Two-burner lava stone grill (395x435mm) with flame protection
  • Three-grill gas fryer with 12-liter wells
  • Electric fryer for French fries
  • Bain marie (1/1 GN)
  • Used oil container with 2 motors and lighting
  • Tall refrigerator with glass door
  • 2 Undercounter refrigerators with stainless steel door
  • Freezer with stainless steel door
  • Boiling tank (3 LT)
  • Double sink
  • Glass partition wall for service area
  • Lighting:
    2 recessed quartz lamps; 3 120W halogen lamps; 20 low consumption LED lamps; 2 gas cylinders of 11kg


  • Dishwasher under the sink
  • Additional refrigerator under the counter
  • Additional freezer under the counter
  • Combined water connection
  • Folding table above the drawbar
  • Back curtain
  • Midi Heky skylight
  • LED screen for product presentation
  • TUV certification
  • Electric system 400V 32A
  • Electric system 400V 63A

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