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Dream, Explore and Live
Adventure awaits.

Stimulating adventure
for more than 85 years.

In 1931, Airstream started with a dream: to create lightweight travel trailers that glide cleanly through the wind. And with it another dream was born, one of new freedoms, new places, new experiences and new friendships.

The history of Airstream

“Endlessly strive to stimulate the adventurous spirit that pushes you to follow a rainbow to its end ... and thus make your travel dreams come true."

Wally Byam

Higher towing MPG

The aerodynamic design of the Airstream travel trailers contributes to a 20% advantage in towing efficiency compared to normal travel trailers.
A low-profile rounded shape, paired with strong yet lightweight aluminum, is the trademark of the iconic travel trailers that have become an American cultural legend.

Wally Byam - founder Airstream Inc

Semi-monocoque construction

You don't get a reputation for the best trailer for no reason - Airstream travel trailers are simply built the right way. Superior structural integrity is the result of their semi-monocoque construction, similar to that of an aircraft. The result is a durable, travel trailer light. The aluminum cladding, riveted to a solid structure, gives the airstream its timeless, aerodynamic shape and unparalleled strength.

Wally Byam - founder Airstream Inc

Live Riveted

Over 3000 rivets are fastened by experienced specialists working in pairs.Each Airstream is subjected to extensive high pressure water testing.Each piece of handcrafted furniture is finished and installed by expert technicians

Each Airstream has between 300-400 hours of craftsmanship, often passed from generation to generation ... 'built to last a lifetime and beyond'.

Wally Byam - founder Airstream Inc

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